What I would like to say is that I have been to other self defense classes that I believed unrealistic. In those classes, the "attacker" just stood there, while the "attackee" boxed his ears, etc.  I do not believe an attacker would just stand there and let someone bang away on him without tossing her up against a wall rendering her unable to continue her attack on him.  That is why I was so impressed with your simple self defense for women  which showed one how to get away from the attacker.  I have tried the techniques I learned from you on many strong friends and they were amazed that I got away quickly.

Having taught in city public schools for 30 years I have witnessed violent attacks---they are always fast and furious---nobody stands still while the victim practices self defense techniques. The winner is the one who can get away quickly. 

Barbara Sandberg
Retired Teacher

Every woman should learn this program! 

At the end of each seminar, we ask everyone to fill out an anonymous survey with eight questions and a space for comments, listed as optional. We are rated nothing less than a 9 out of 10 everytime and 100% of the participant states they would recommend to a friend!

We have posted these comments throughout this page:
Simple Self Defense for Women® SEMINAR SURVEYS
Simple Self Defense for Women
Simple Self Defense for Women
Simple Self Defense for Women®
What People Are Saying About Us
Simple Self Defense for Women
Very educational, had a lot of fun!

Very informative, super easy moves, very effective!

Very helpful and simple!

Usually you think it hard to do buts its really simple!

This seminar was very helpful!

This was great! Thank you so much!

Simple Self Defense for Women
Simple Self Defense for Women

Very Informative!

Very Simple!

Wonderful, thanks!



Extremely Good!




This was wonderful!

Simple Self Defense for Women
Simple Self Defense for Women
 “This program is a MUST opportunity for woman of all ages who are interested in their personal safety. 

Not only will they learn techniques to escape an attack, they will learn how to think about their surroundings and avoid being a victim altogether"

Michael Chitwood
 Daytona Beach Police Chief

Simple Self Defense for Women
Simple Self Defense for Women
Simple Self Defense for Women
Simple Self Defense for Women
Simple Self Defense for Women
Simple Self Defense for Women
Simple Self Defense for Women
Florida Hospital Memorial Medical Center and Ladies of Volusia- Unlimited were very impressed with Tracy and her team. Our ladies enjoyed the experience and left feeling very empowered by what we learned. Thanks again for bringing this service to our community. More businesses should inquire and offer Simple Self Defense for Women to their staff and families. 

Thank again, 

Michelle Newell

Simple Self Defense for Women
I Learned a lot and I can't wait to go and show someone else.

I really enjoyed this seminar.

You did great!

The instructors were very knowledgeable about the subject matter and very open to questions!

Simple Self Defense for Women
Makes you really think of alternatives to fighting!



The moves were so easy to do, not intricate so I'll remember!

I learned a lot and everyone was awesome!

Great Job, I learned some great stuff!

Thousands of Participants & Counting...
My sister has been missing for 20 years.
 I wish she would have taken this course!

Simple Self Defense for Women
Simple Self Defense for Women
"This information could save your life"!

"You are awesome"!

Deb Scott 
Radio Show Host
"Wow That is Amazing"!

"Tremendous Information"

Danielle Knox
Lifetime TV Show Host
"I Love This"!

"I am 5 foot tall and pregnant, these are moves that work!"

Micelle Yarn
Galtime TV Show Host
"Great Information"!

Danielle Fornes
John Tesh Radio Show Host
"I love what you guys are doing. I wish every child knew this"!

Denise Brown
TV & Radio Personality
"This is Amazing"!

Danielle Pierre
D-Talk Radio Show Host
Dr David Friedman
"Makes Perfect Sense"!

Dr. David Friedman
To Your Good Health Radio Show Host
"Empowering Women"!

Melanie Cole
Health Radio Show Host
"I Think This is a Great Program"!

Pete Peters
The Boomer and Babe Radio Show Host
"Great Tips"!

Diamond Butler
Diamond B
Radio Show Host
"You Made Us Safer"! 

Pam Gray
Radio Host
"I Love It"! 

Radio Host
"Love What You Do, So Much to Learn  
 from You!"

Chelsea Krost
Show Host
"Awesome, Receiving an Education all the Way from the UK!"

Chelsea Krost Listener
"What they do is Amazing! I Agree with Everything they do !"

Dr. Matt Wachtel
Chelsea Krost Guest
I can see the huge impact you are making with women across the board and I am going to share some of those techniques with my parents who are elderly! 
"So Empowering!"

Chelsea Krost
Show Host
"Wow, very simple, this could potential save your life"!
Marie Osmond TV Show Host
Hallmark Channel
Simple Self Defense for Women
Really effective, very practical, important for the student to have these skills

Cindy Oakley-Paulik
Embry Riddle University
Director Women’s Center

Simple Self Defense for Women
I have appreciated working with both of you. Your professionalism is over the top! Trust me that's hard to find these days. 

 I love how on top of things you are and how driven you are to make things happen.

Rebel J. Morris
Executive Director/ Founder 
Can You Identify Me?