Simple Self Defense for Women®
How to Simply Escape an Attack,
NOT Stay and Fight!
Investing In The Personal Safety of Women
Introducing Tracy & Charley Vega Co-Founders of Simple Self Defense for Women®
Learn How You and Your Child can Escape an Attempted Abduction
Are You Giving Bad Guys Your Name Without Realizing it?
What To Do When Dealing With Cyber Bullying?
What To Do When a Date or Someone Gets Too Friendly?
Using Pepper Spray
What To Do When Approached In A Parking Lot?
Personal Safety Tips
Trust Your Instincts. If it does not feel right, take the appropriate action!
You Don't Always Have to Be Nice!

Be Aware

Be Suspicious
Personal Safety Tip Video's
How to Simply Escape an Attempted Kidnapping if an Adult was to Grab You. This was done live with the host. She had never seen it until we showed her on stage. NOW YOU TRY IT!
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Why You Really Don't 
Need a Weapon
Why Whistles Don't Work
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You can count on us to be the RIGHT speaker with the PERFECT message for your group. We will capture your audience from the moment we walk on stage and make you proud that you invited us to be a part of your event.
Buy The DVD $20.00 Plus S&H
Buy The DVD $20.00 Plus S&H
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Simple Self Defense for Women
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